Supergirl Season 4 poster
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Supergirl Season 4

The fourth season of the long-awaited project "SuperGirl" will continue the story of Kara Zor-El, who arrived on Earth after a terrible disaster on her home planet Krypton. Her parents, who had remained on the doomed earth, asked their daughter to look after Kal-El, a cousin who had also gone to another planet. The girl was warned that on Earth, guests from Krypton gain incredible powers that make them extremely strong in comparison with the rest of the inhabitants of the planet. However, the girl did not expect that her cousin had already grown up and became a superhero. Now he is known as Superman, and the main character decides not to show off her extraordinary skills. However, after eleven years, she still has to go all out, showing true power, in order to save her half-sister!

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