Chicago Fire Season 9 poster
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Chicago Fire Season 9

A new season of the exciting project "Chicago Fire". One of the founders of the franchise dedicated to the special services of this city. The Chicago Firefighters project is a wonderful story that tells about the representatives of the fire department of the largest American city. One of the leaders of this institution is Lieutenant Matthew Casey. This person takes a responsible approach to business and always tries to remain calm even in the most difficult moments of work. However, even a steely character does not allow you to avoid conflicts with colleagues, who often push for quarrels when it comes to failures in the workplace. So it was with the deceased colleague Andrew Darden. His death caused a rift in the team. The constant quarrels between Kelly Severide and Matthew Casey affect the overall atmosphere in the team. The actors have long been unable to find a common language. Despite this, the team forgets about all the insults and disagreements when the siren sounds, forcing the actors to go to the fire trucks and go to the place of the next hotbed of the raging elements.

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