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Wish Upon

In the heart of the History of the Horror film "Wish Upon" is a teenage girl whose life is folded differently than she had imagined. She did not go according to life style, there are problems at school, almost no friends or people that could support it. The school constantly bullied her rough and very reasonably priced for classmates. Compounded native father, who regularly takes home a strange and old things that often make fun of her acquaintances.

Hard life leads the main character to a State of despondency and melancholy. She is angry at the whole world and wants to take revenge on everyone who did not give her a normal life. This is especially true of popular school beauties. One day the father brings home a mysterious casket. Soon the main character learns that she can accomplish exactly seven of her desires. The girl who dreams make suffer all those who mocked over it, realizes that this is her chance to take revenge. She immediately makes plans to kill TU damsel in which her life was completely destroyed. After that, she thinks some more desires, without realizing that they have to pay a huge price.

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Wish Upon 2017 Online Free

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Wish Upon 2017 movie free online

Wish Upon 2017 free online

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