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Minority Report

Fantasy film directed by Steven Spielberg, "Minority Report" takes the viewer into the world of the future, in the year 2054. Progress has allowed scientists to develop a special pilot programme, through which it is possible to know about the Crimes committed in the near future. With the help of three visionaries program lets you know the place, time, name of the victim and the killer's name, thus greatly reducing the Crime rate. The film's protagonist John Anderton is working in the Division to seize future criminals.

Deconstructing another vision of visionaries, John discovers with Horror that soon commits himself killing him with an unknown person. Shocked at this news, John has his or her dissenting opinion on account of this vision, he knows it's not always three visionaries see the same future, one sees something else. John escapes and begins to conduct its own investigation, hiding from their colleagues. The only chance of salvation remains prove that the program is not perfect.

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