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Hidden Figures

The film will show us a real story of three Afro-American women that played a major role in preparation for orbital flight of the first American. Their work was not appreciated in time of prospering racism. Now there is a chance for an in-depth look at their work and its direct result - a space for flight.

The plot is based on the book "Hidden Figures" by Margot Lee Shetterly, the book has inspired the creators of the film. Events indeed took place in the 60s of the past century in times of preparing John Glenn for a space flight. He became the first American astronaut and the third person in the world who accomplished such a responsible mission. The flight lasted for almost five hours and Glenn was declared a national hero of the USA. John is considered a long-living astronaut and managed to celebrate his 95th birthday.

NASA went by calculations of women-mathematicians, without them the historical event might not happen at all. Unfortunately, at the time, their work was left in the shadows, but the picture "Hidden figures" gives an opportunity to plunge into the organization of one of the most significant flights in History of humanity. An exciting Drama about unrecognized brilliant women that didnít get the glory because of their skin colour.

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