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Smallville Season 7

A meteor shower, which once brought an amazing alien child to a childless family and endowed him with extraordinary abilities, greatly destroyed provincial Smallville. But at the same time, he gave its residents a real defender and patron in the person of the grown-up Clark Kent.
His life in the town was never easy – here a boy with alien genes learned to think, feel and love like a person, which was not always easy and simple for him. But loyal friends and a beloved girl always supported him, giving him strength and inspiration to fight the forces of evil.
Once having difficulty comprehending the world of people and human relations, now Clark is learning more and more about his own native family, he manages to save his cousin, whom he surrounds with real care. The long-standing love for Lana finally manifests itself in its entirety, but the characters still can't be together and the only thing left for Clark is to disappear.

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