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Money Heist Season 3

Money Heist returns to the screens with the third season. The series offers viewers to plunge into the history of the most daring robbery in the history of Spain. The main characters develop a clever plan to infiltrate the Mint. They are real criminal geniuses who are ready to make a plan and commit a daring raid. The focus of the plot turns out to be a criminal nicknamed the Professor. He gathers around him a team of real experts in the field of hacking and penetration. There are eight real gurus of the criminal world around him. Each of them is represented by a meter in a certain direction and area of knowledge. The main actors are ready to organize their plans, because, if successful, they will be able to steal two and a half million euros unprecedented before. However, it will be extremely difficult to escape from the pursuit of the authorities. The characters are sure that they will be lucky with money, and their future life on the French Riviera will be carefree and easy. However, the robbery will not go according to plan. After entering the mint, the characters will have to spend a long eleven days there, holding sixty-seven people hostage.

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Money Heist 2019 Online Free

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Money Heist 2019 free online

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