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Rick and Morty Season 6

The plot of the animated series is built around an ordinary schoolboy named Morty and his slightly insane grandfather Rick. The first - the most ordinary boy, who is no different from his peers, but when it comes to communication with his grandfather, a lot changes. The older relative is simply obsessed with science and tears up the patterns of the universe, showing his grandson that reality is far from what everyone sees. The main character can take his grandson with him on any crazy adventure through space and time. The protagonists are in for the most incredible journey imaginable! Each time, the couple find themselves in the most unexpected places, where truly amazing and unpredictable things happen to them. Another interdimensional tunnel can throw them into any part of the universe, where they have to survive, fight the local flora and fauna, and find answers to the questions that worry grandpa, when all young Morty is thinking about is how to get home in one piece.

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Rick and Morty 2022 Online Free

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Rick and Morty 2022 free online

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