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Man of Steel

Story takes us to the planet Krypton which is become unstable due to industrial mining and proceeding toWards destruction. The chief advisor Jor-El advices to evacuate the planet. Just then General Zod starts the uprising and arrests all the council members. Jor El steals the genetic codes from Zod and puts them in his yet-to-born son Kal-El. He is going to be the first baby to take a natural birth on the planet Krypton.

Jor-El gives his life and sends his son out of the planet in an automatic spacecraft. The spacecraft lands on Earth in Kansas. Jonathan and Martha have no child and they find Kal-El. Rejoiced couple take the child as their own and name his as Clark. While growing up Clark can estimate his superhuman powers and becomes isolated from other kids of his age. His parents tells him everything about his birth but also advice to hide his superpowers.

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