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Jack Reacher

The movie begins with a murder of five people on the river’s North shore by a Sniper. Soon, after the murder, Police arrives at the Crime scene and all the evidence points toWards the former U.S army sniper named James Barr. After an interrogation by the detective Emerson and the District Attorney named Alex Rodin, Barr only asks them to get Jack Reacher. They are confused with this statement of Barr.

Jack Reacher is a former military police corps officer, who comes to Pittsburgh after viewing the news about Barr. Jack requests to see all the evidences but he isn’t allowed to view them. They only allow him to see Barr, who is unfortunately into Coma, due to the injuries he got in the brutal attacks at the police custody. Jack meets Helen, who is Barr’s defense attorney and she offers him to be her lead investigator in this case and in return she will allow him to see the evidence.

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