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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Having made escape from the Russian prison, the special agent Itan Hunt receives a new task. In a picture "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" it is entrusted to its team to eliminate the Phantom protocol a certain Cobalt – professor from Sweden by the name of Curt Hendrix, the terrorist preaching idea of need of new world War. Secretly working in Moscow, he intends to get into walls of the Kremlin to destroy the file from the secret archive and to take a nuclear small suitcase.

Itan doesn't manage to cope with the enemy, and Cobalt disappears, having successfully implemented the plan and having destroyed traces by powerful explosion of Tower. Intelligence services are sure: Hunt and his people is guilty of act of terrorism. The American government starts initiation of the Phantom protocol: the division where Itan's team served, is from now on disbanded, and agents remained without protection.

Now only to them in power to stop the terrorist to rescue mankind from nuclear catastrophe and to clear the reputation. Working according to the government plan, they run from custody and go in the wake of Cobalt. They should be extremely careful, one incorrect Action – and the former CIA agents will appear in hands of attendants of the law again, having gone under court as the most dangerous terrorists. Business is complicated by the Russian agent of intelligence service Sidorov let on searches of the run-away team of the Khanty.

Traveling from Arab Emirates to the Indian lands, they track down Cobalt, but again and again suffer a defeat. The terrorist manages to obtain confidential data – admission codes to control of rockets. The last chance for Itan and his people to stop the criminal – to cut off the admission to the military satellite, having been ahead of the enemy.

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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol 2011 Online Free

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