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The Tree of Life

Jack – already the adult who remembers the childhood, the once simple and pure view of world around, and also the growing and time when life became difficult and confused. In eleven years Jack lived in a family from the father, mother and three brothers. Life seemed to it by miracle and every day brought joy. Jack's parents had different views on life: if mother personified eternal Christian values, mercy and kindness, the father tried to teach children to think always of himself and to be able to break through in life.

The aspiration of the father and mother presented to raise children according to own ideas of life periodically Jack with a difficult choice that, however, didn't prevent it to continue to enjoy life. Clouds over his head started being condensed when Jack learns not only love, but also loss pain, death and sufferings. Maturing, he understands that its feelings in relation to parents change: if he deeply loves mother, the father starts hating.

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The Tree of Life 2011 Online Free

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The Tree of Life 2011 free online

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