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The Debt

In 1965 three agents of "Mossad" received an important task. They had to go to GDR and kill the nazi criminal. This task not only left heavy memoirs at all three, but also connected them the general gloomy secret. Within thirty years that task and difficult relationship tied during a performance of the mission haunted them. The past shadow hung over agents when 30 years later in Ukraine the person saying appeared that he again – that nazi criminal on whom hunted in 1965.

One of the former agents decides to understand the events and to get to the truth. Really during operation in GDR the target of "Mossad" appeared innocent? Or all this is only falsification? But what aim is pursued in that case by the unknown claiming what exactly he was the nazi criminal? Travel to the past will revive unattractive details of mission in memory of agents and will give answers to many questions.

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