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Crazy Heart

Otis Blake known under the nickname "Bede" once was the famous country singer, but days of glory passed long ago. Now he is simply lonely alcoholic who earns a living, playing in small bars. Attempts to make a family terminated in failures, and the only native person for Bede is his adult son whom he didn't see from four-year age, here 24 years. Bede's life starts changing when he meets Jean Craddock – the divorced journalist with the little son who interviews Bede.

Between them the relations which become for the growing old singer incentive in a new way are entered to look at life and to realize the mistakes. Perhaps, Bede's future won't meet his expectations, and people with whom he will improve the relations, won't remain with it for a long time. But it doesn't mean that the former star of a country scene will finish the life in oblivion and poverty: having entered on a right way, Bede finally again will find the good luck.

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